MAXTECH Study and Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is promoted by experienced professionals in the field of research and study. The company specializes in providing consultancy services in the areas of conducting base line survey and research in various fields, impact assessment, formulation of project proposal, assessing development program, designing and delivering trainings, environment, education, skill training, as well as engineering. MAXTECH has been committed to deliver quality products, services and solutions since its inception in April, 2007. MAXTECH has a handpicked and dedicated team of professionals that is committed to present quality and cost effective services in various sectors.


To become a reliable and leading institution for providing COMPLETE STUDY AND SERVICES.


  • To provide consultancy services in the area of study and research, data analysis,environment, impact assessment, formulation of project proposal, assessment development, program evaluation, designing and delivering trainings as well as services in civil, computer, electrical, electronics and communication fields
  • To prepare procurement plan
  • To conduct requirement analysis of institutions for procurement of hardware and software
  • To provide hardware and software development and maintenance services
  • To provide service related to network development and management
  • To provide services of property valuation and structural design as well as estimation and verification.


Where We Have Reached


  • Consultancy Services: Study and Research, Data Analysis, Impact Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication Engineering Consultancy..
  • Information Technology: Analysis, Supply and Inspection; Environment, Management, Training...
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