Physical Resources


Central Office of MAXTECH Study and Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is at KMC - 29, Kathmandu. It manages business activities and administrative matters.


Corporate office of MAXTECH Study and Services (Pvt.) Ltd. is at, LSMC - 10, Kupondole.  The office is equipped with transportation means (motorbikes), communication facilities, modern secretarial equipment (including digital cameras as well as video cameras, desktop and laptop computers along with printers in network) for self-sustained production of quality reports as well as for conduction of trainings.


The company owns sufficient communication facilities to meet the daily office activities. The company also maintains various computer software for enhancing its capabilities in the fields of office management, engineering operation, project management, study and research.


  • Consultancy Services: Study and Research, Data Analysis, Impact Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication Engineering Consultancy..
  • Information Technology: Analysis, Supply and Inspection; Environment, Management, Training...
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