Resource Persons

MAXTECH has a pool of resource persons in various discipline. The consulting firm utilizes the expertise of the following highly experienced resource persons as and when required.

Hiranya Kumar Bhattari
Telecommunication Expert
Qualifications MSc (Radio Communications and Radio Broadcasting), Nepal, Moscow Institute of Telecommunications, Russia, 1975

Over 35 years experience in operation and management of telecommunication (Nepal Telecom) including Rural Services as well as International Services Department.

Nav Raj Simkhada
Socio-economic Expert

Masters Degree in Sociology and Anthropology, TU, Nepal, 2003

Masters Degree in Business Administration (Finance), TU, Nepal, 1993

KEY EXPERIENCE Over 20 years of experience in management and finance sectors. Sociologist and fianancial specialist for various projects including research and studies in Nepal and abroad.
  • Consultancy Services: Study and Research, Data Analysis, Impact Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Civil, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication Engineering Consultancy..
  • Information Technology: Analysis, Supply and Inspection; Environment, Management, Training...
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